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Are 300cc bikes good enough for highway driving nowadays? If not, help me choose a bike!

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So let's keep it short. ALL I care about is reliability, longevity, and fuel economy. I'm sticking with Honda for that reason, I know they tend to be extremely reliable.

So, I have it narrowed down to a few bikes.

A new Honda CBR300R
A new Honda CB300R

A low mileage used Honda nc700 or nc750 if I can find one cheap enough.
A low-mileage Honda CB500X

or a low-mileage Honda CB500f

remember I only care about reliability, longevity, and fuel economy. I do not care if the engine size is small and I will not "outgrow" the bike. I'm an experienced rider of street bikes and have owned bigger bikes in the past. I no longer have a need for performance and just want a bike capable of adventure and getting me a really good MPG. This is why I'm going as low as 300cc. If modern 300cc bikes are capable of a lot of highway driving and long-distance I'll totally get a 300c because they would probably have the best mpg. My concern with a 300cc is a lot of highway mileage killing the bike in the long run. I could be totally wrong on that though. I'll also have paniers/luggage on the bike as well, probably nothing super heavy though.

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Also question on painting motorcycle fairings.

I want to change the color of my plastics on this bike. They are in good condition and the paint is not chipped. They are curretly red and I want to change them to a super dark purple or black. Could I do this with some kind of simple spray paint?
It wouldn't hurt to get a quote from a reputable paint shop for the job first.
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Catalyzed 2-part epoxy paints are best. Can get variety of them in rattle-cans. Catalyst won't activate until you shake can, then has shelf-life of 4-6 hrs.

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so my break light/tail light was NOT working last night.

I was driving today and they were working? So it's clearly not a fuse issue? Why would they not work and then suddenly work? What would be causing this issue?
loose connection, probably a corroded ground wire, though it could be anywhere in the circuit.
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Ok , now , down to the cleaning , polishing , tweaking , and adjusting .. Make it yours , and ,,,,
Send pics ... congrats .....
The red is before I "made it mine". :)

Wheel Tire Plant Vehicle Automotive lighting

Tire Fuel tank Vehicle Wheel Automotive lighting

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive lighting

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Plant
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I guess I would ask myself, If I wanted to be stressed when I ride, or do I want to eliminate some of the stress factors if I could.

Let's face it,
Riding a motorcycle in today's world is challenging enough.

At one point in my life, I bought a Royal Enfield with a side car. It was a 550cc motorcycle.

Never mind the nuance is of.
learning how to control
the bike with a side car atrached to it...... On the highway I could get it app to 60, if I held the throttle full on, tight,

But otherwise, it wouldn't get out of its own way!

I'm learning down here in the South, that there's lots of people who get on mopeds,
and go on roads they probably shouldn't go on.

I have a feeling that if you buy a 300, It won't be long before there will be situations where
you wished you had more power.
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The red is before I "made it mine". :)
Check with your insurance company and DMV to update registration for the color change.
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