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Aprilia RS125; any thoughts?

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Looking to buy a new bike, I'm very light and am after a likewise light bike with a bit of oomph to it that I can zip around on. i use my bike to ride the fifteen minutes to work three days a week, and otherwise just get around town and have the occasional two-hour return trip down the freeway.

I've been looking at the Aprilia RS125. Now it's only a 125, I know, but it seems to go pretty quick nevertheless. The only negatives I can find are that it runs best in the high RPMs, which I think I can manage, and the "On-road costs". Anyone know what these costs are, and what I'd need to factor into my budget if I go ahead and buy this bike? Any other thoughts'd be a jolly big help as well.

And oh, it sure is pretty...
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The only real downfall to the RS 125 is it is a 2 stroke and you will have more maintence costs with that and you'll have to keep the injector oil tank filled up. Also with the Nikasil cylinder it can't be bored in case it seizes up, it's either a new cylinder (expensive) or sleeved (not expensive but you may not be able to find sleeves for it) or you can have it resurfaced with Nikasil (expensive also).2 strokes also need to have top end jobs done much earlier than a 4 stroke would but mostly the top end jobs are cheaper, well for Japanese bikes anyways.Because it runs more at a high RPM there will be more wear on the engine. Still the Aprilla would be a cool bike for riding to work and an occasional trip and you wouldn't see it parked on every street corner.

I love a 2 stroke and own a couple of them and you can't beat the sound of one wailing at redline but there is more maintence with them than my 4 strokes.

How about a Kawasaki Ninja 250? Light, good power, quick and cheap.
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I've looked at the ninja, it's a nice little bike but the turning circle's too big for me, and it is a little heavy for me also. I had a look at a bike at my local which weighs about 110 kilos, you can stand it with one hand it's so light. I'll get back to you on the type of bike...
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