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Honda VFR1200X (sold), only mod was "The BoosterPlug".
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hello i was wondering if there exsist any cind of sport cdi or something to make my aprilia sx125 euro 5 go faster, and if where to buy?
Yer openin' up a 55 gallon drum of rattlesnakes but, here ya go kid:

Polini Cylinder Kit 154cc aluminium d=60mm Aprilia RS 125 (Rotax 122-123) | MAXISCOOT

By the time you get that all dialed in with a bigger carb and expansion chamber, you'll be an expert Aprilia 125 tuner.

Good luck kid, you'll need it... btw, you best get yourself some band-aids for your knuckles and aspirin for all those headaches.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts