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Im new and just getting into riding Im shopping for riding gear and just wanted some feedback on what to get. Im in a heated debate over leather and textile. I have found the helmet that I want and it is a fullface so thats fine. But when it come down to jacket and pants I cant decide. I live in jersey so I can olny ride between april and november so temp would be ranging between 90 and 40. I think that leather would give me more protection if I fall and would allow me to slide easier, but in the summer black leather would be hard to ride in. Also I wouldnt know which product would give me more bang for the buck i dont have the highest budget. If anybody has any old riding gear they would like to sell Im open to it. Im about 5' 10'' 165 lbs.
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I wear a leather jacket and jeans mostly. When the temp goes above 80, I'll switch to my denim jacket. I know the denim jacket and jeans aren't the best protection, but it's a risk I take. A fleece vest under the leather is good down to at least 40.
Plain leather will get you your best bang for the buck. Motorcycle specific leather and armored nylon can get very expensive but then how much is your skin worth to you. Motorcycle jackets generally have air vents to help when your moving, but they all slow cook you at a red light.
I'm one of those guys who refuse to wear leather pants or chaps, but I do have a nice pair of brush jeans with the legs covered in ballistic nylon to protect from thorn bushes, 40 bucks in the hunting dept.
I Live in Florida and ride a lot now. I have a set of tan chaps for summer and a set of black chaps for winter. My Leather jacket is tan with a removable liner, and I'm going to revise the sleeve linings to come out too for the summer! Right now the jacket is just too hot for daytime driving so I wear a cotton jacket - not the best I know in case of a spill, but that's better than heat stroke!

I am making a huge assumption that the vendors selling leahters in Fl offer lighter weight leather to allow for the high heat.

My tan ones are made by "Hot leathers" a company with mid grade quality manufacturing. I've already had to get some of the stitiching repaired, but the leather is comfortable enough.

My black chaps are made by "USA VANCE Leathers" and have a specialized air cooling liners which would probably ctually be cooler than the regularly lined tan chaps, except for the fact that black absorbs sunlight!

Try an alternative color to black for cooler protection. Actually once you've ridden regularly with chaps you hardly notice they are on. - Until you sit on a wet seat! :eek:

Cheers! Kim
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There are some nylon jackets out there with leather pads in all the strategic spots. They aren't as expensive or hot as full leather, and the provide protection where you need it. A good pair of Wranglers can often be just as good as chaps (although the extra material of the chaps gives you more protection) without being anywhere near as hot.

If'n you're a polar bear like me, sometimes it's safer to ride with a little less, so you don't go into heat stroke. Just be cognizant of the increase in road rash risk if you do downdress. And hope that a riding uniform isn't mandated by law any more than it already is (i.e. helmets).:rolleyes:
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