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Hi - My '99XT simply will not start. I had it in the shop and it has gone through every conceivable test and it passes with flying colors. The only thing that can't be tested directly is the CDI Unit.

I really don't want to buy a new one ~$300 or an eBay one that might be working for ~$200. The ultimate test would be to swap one out on a working XT350.

Is there anybody in the Sacramento CA, area that can help me out? It's a very simple procedure. The unit is under the seat and has simple friction plugs and one plastic clip connection. It takes longer to take the seat off than it does to swap the CDI Unit out.

What's in it for you? Will beer work? If not, let's work something out -- besides making a new XT350 friend in the area. :)

I can truck mine to you, or if you are really close by and don't mind riding over. Please get back to me.


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