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Another My 1st Bike Thread

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I'm 19, and I got interested in motorcycles a few years ago when I just started to be able to get my full driver's license for a car. I thought going from my bicycle to a motorcycle would be an easier than going from a bicycle to a truck so I took a motorcycle class. It was a week long. Half the week was book work and videos explaining what to wear, how to shift, the worst time to ride is at sunrise/sunset, and things like that. Then the other half of the week was actual practice on a motorcycle. Each class member trained on a nighthawk. Everything was going good until I found out how much insurance costs for an unexperienced driver on a motorcycle. :eek: Well, now it's been a few years, I'm driving an old Toyota 4 runner for a while, and the weather is nice. So I'm thinking about getting a motorcycle again.

This is what I'm looking for:

Something cool like most teenagers ride (a sports bike).
Good gas mileage
Used. Anything not as expensive as a new one. It would really suck to drop my new motorcycle.
Something that's comfortable and will fit me. (I'm 6 feet 3 inches tall). I'm going to be carrying a few books to and from class.
Easy to maintain.

I plan on going to the local motorcycle shop here in town soon. They have Sunday rides and other events. Some of the members should also be able to help me decide also.
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you can usually find a pretty good used 600cc sport bike in the $3500-$5000 range. check out ebay or you might also find a place that sells used sport bikes and sit on a few to get a feel for which ones have enough room for a guy your height. you don't want to be cramped up or it won't be much fun to ride. my first bike was a '92 Suzuki Katana 600, it was an ugly thing, but it was dirt cheap, i never had any mechanical problems, and most importantly, it allowed me to learn how to ride without fear of damaging a nice bike. as far as insurance goes, my first policy through Progressive was pretty affordable. i can't remember the levels of coverage, but it include comprehensive, collision, bodily injury, medical, and roadside service for about $450 per year. check out some of the insurance websites and get quotes, Progressive and Geiko (among others) allow you to change the levels of coverage and compare prices.
Go with a naked bike, similar looks to a crotch rocket, but far less expensive to insure. Yamaha Seca II, or FZ6, Suzuki Bandit, can't remember what the Kaw is called, but you get the idea. And they have much more leg room. My insurance on the Seca(Allstate) is $75 a year. Admittedly, I have more years riding than you've been alive, but it still is way cheaper.
I disagree about advice to buy a bike over the internet. I really believe it would be a foolish thing for anyone to do. Look in you local shopper, or a local auto sales mag like (if you live in central Pa.) NEVER buy a bike you can't see in person, sit on, hear run, and check closely. You're better off to go to the closest dealer and buy something he'll stand behind as far as parts & service.
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