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I have a 2018 Street Triple RS 2018. Totally not mechanical minded so curious (and a bit paranoid!) Cleaned the bike and took her for a quick ride. I was in traffic today at a stop sign with a car in front. The car in front pulled away and then stopped, then pull away, so I fumbled the clutch. I had the clutch pulled in, rev’d the engine ready to go, realized the car was hesitating, the rev’d the engine again and accidentally let the clutch out quickly (not all the way).
I heard a sound that to me sounded like a metal slap with a slight jolt, I’m assuming it was the clutch plates slamming together(?). I didn’t stall and adjusted quickly and then pulled away smoothly.
My question - Does that seem likely that it would have been the clutch? If so, does that cause any wear/damage? Probably a dumb question, but it must put a lot of torque on something when the clutch plates suddenly stick like that?
And one more... moved the bike forward a few feet with the stand down and caught it on the floor. It juddered and made a horrible scrapping sound. Stand seems fine, but does that stress anything, frame etc!
Annoying day!

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The jolt was likely the clutch closing, along with the entire drive train quickly taking up all the slack in it from being at rest. My guess is that nothing was hurt.

It's probably not good for the side stand to grind along the ground, but again if it still works fine it is not likely to be damaged.
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