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I have my own hub I am using, so I need to measure the Effective Rim Diameter (E.R.D.) of the rim, but the hub has little bulges where the nipple sits in. What side of the the bulge do I measure, or do I just eyeball the center?
I ask because spokes are not cheap.

All the youtube video's I have seen are doing bicycle rims.
When I go to the motorcycle store, they want to know what year and make/model my bike is, my bike is custom.
In my searches, I've been able to find an American supplier of 10awg rims, with moped nipples. They have clear dimensions of the nipples for accurate calculations.

I have a 18 x 1.85" Aluminum rim that I just cleaned up and its nice. I wire brushed all the rust from the spokes/nipples off from the outside (tube sits), and sanded the little bits of rough area's on the inner. It is looking nice. I do not want it to look too nice, no flashy rims for me. I will probably end up painting them a dark color in enamel (oil based) then clear coat it.

The spokes that were on it measure 3.05mm Diameter which is 10 gauge, at the nipple side, for about 3/4 of the way, then 1/4 is 3.30mm at the J bend, the J head is 6.91mm. I measure about 108mm for the spokes on various spoke calculators. I will do it a few more times just to be certain. I know I am allowed maybe a mm or two off at most on the ERD, doesnt affect the length of the spoke too much.

I measured 427mm (bottom to bottom) and 431mm (top to top)
Averaged is 429mm
Minus both nipples 12.5mmx2=25mm
404mm ERD
R 101mm
L 102mm

So I was 6mm off, gosh I gotta be more precise measuring.
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