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Even if you throw in the towel on getting a bike, your future will continue to be a failure unless you change your attitude.
Your view of the world and other people is the real stumbling block here.
It鈥檚 self imposed.
Go back and read your old posts. You will see how negatively you view others.
You're young and have your whole life ahead of you.
Change your attitude and everything will go smoother for you.
I really hope you stick around and get a bike.
Quitting is never good and always brings regret.
Don't give up.
Let's get you on a bike and give you the encouragement you need.
Please take this with the spirit it was given.

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It seems that this thread may have put you in the uncomfortable position of feeling you can't come back.
That was never my intention.
Everyone of us is a flawed and broken person that screws up.
I can be the head of that club.
But you will find that riders are a loyal bunch of folks.
We want to help each other get better in all ways, not just riding.
Maybe it's because we play so close to the edge.
We have a slight view over the horizon and want to be right with others and ourselves if we head down that trail.

Now that you have taken on the challenge of riding, you are one of us.
So let's forget the last few months and let you start over.
What do you say guys?
We got a brand new rider here, Mils.
Let's welcome her aboard.

Welcome to the site Mils.

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I think that the motivation to help her is because she is young and seemingly without good adult leadership.
I don't think she is rude, just insecure and inexperienced.
We all want to encourage new riders, especially female riders.
Whatever you decide Mils, I wish you well.
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