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Airhead Tech Day

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I attended my first Airhead Tech Day on Saturday morning.
I was seeking some local information as I Revive my 78 BMW 100/7.
The guy that offered his home and garage for the Meet up was named Stoner.
Damn Nice Gentleman, He cooked up a batch of Red Beans & Rice for everyone.
The BMWs began to arrive in need of minor maintenance from Oil Changes to complete Electrical system upgrades.
One old dude rolled up with a Beemer on a trailer that was Pulled by a 67 El Camino stock full of Parts for sale. I should have bought the Hard Bags for my Bike.
I did purchase a Decent rear fender from Stoner. I had one offered for $80 and I picked it up for $20.
I plan on being a regular attendee at these type of events in the future.
Free education, Smart Air Heads available to assist, Lifts, Tools, Cool Drinks, Food and dozens of Bikes to ponder.
I could only spend a couple of hours but made some new Buds with Beemers.
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They have meet-ups like that for VTX's too. They are a great way to get any problem you might have fixed and fixed well. Just about anything. I suspect there are others as well. Brand specific always have some interesting stuff going on.
We do the same thing with my sports car.
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