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I was born in Calif, lived there for 50 years and from 1981 until 1992, Had my Office in the Financial district of West Los Angeles, which was only 20 miles west of my home in Bellflower, CA. The commute to work took 2 hours average and 2 1/2 to get home, using every way from city streets to Interstates. It is worse now, with traffic at all hours, seemingly everywhere:surprise:

CA drivers and riders are, out of necessity, very talented and good drivers. I bet I didn't see half a dozen wrecks/ fender benders in a years time.:smile_big:

Going into the major cities, it's 80 mph, still almost bumper to bumper, in the rain, talking or sexting on a cell phone, eating a doughnut while drinking a Latte, smoking their ***'s, while putting on their last minute makeup and there still is relative safety in pulling in front of someone, with just a few feet to spare, without even using turn indicators, an option that most of the expensive high end cars don't come equipped with.:grin:

Now my commute to my office is 10 miles away with 9 of those on beautiful rural country roads:grin:

Is it safer to drive in Missouri? Bubba driving his bail spear flat bed pickumup with loose **** like Far wood, Earl containers, old Tar's and the obligatory farm dog just standing in the back, say no it isn't much safer so one must still be vigilant for strolling Beeves, sheep, Chickens and Turkey's, turtles, Squirrels, farm dogs that have survived jumping off of Bubba's smoking diesel 3/4 ton pickup and the ever present piles of grass that is always discharged into the roads, not to mention 20 foot wide and slow farm machinery and impliment's :smile_big:

Oh and Bubba doesn't want to turn on his headlights until it is absolutely DARK, cuz he done wanna waste his headlight Bub's:grin:

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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