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There is a new guy at work. Everyone knows I have a motorcycle, (I'm one of three) and since talking to me, he has become very enthusiastic. He bought a 71 Honda cb 175, has it torn down, and is rebulding/modifying it. So far, new to him forks, wheels, (anodized gold) front disc brake, stripped the frame down and repainted it with black bedliner spray/paint and more.
he has never ridden a motorcycle, and he has been pumping me for info. he is 47, btw.

We are both taking a motorcycle training course, upon completion, we can get the coveted "M" stamp on our Calif license.
The course is for begineers, which I am not, but since he has started the course first, I've been getting the inside story. I will not admit that I am not a beginner. If your wondering why I don't still have my motorcycle license, it's because I let it lapse for many years. I'm hoping for a discount on my insurance also.

Anyone else mentor a newbie?

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My son and his cousin both got bikes a couple of years ago. I was happy to work with both of them through the process. We did a lot of parking lot practice, we watched a lot of instructional videos, and did a lot of road practice. Once they were ready, they both took their road tests and passed their first time around. Once they had their official MC licenses, they both enrolled in a MC training course. The instructor was satisfied with their skills and were immediately approved for the on-road training. I really enjoyed working with both of them. It's surprising how much you can learn through the whole process as well! Its always good to refresh your own skills!

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My wife and I mentored one of her daughters, though it didn't take much to get her on the road.
Missy was a fast learner and daily drives standard shift car , after 10 minutes of control familiarization and an hour or two in a parking lot on her 800cc Marauder we headed out for a 15 mile ride, stopped for ice cream at dusk then got caught in a huge thunderstorm on the way back in the dark, she got the whole introduction the first day. :)
She was riding on her own in 2 days, took the MSF a month or two later and passed easily, then upgraded to an Indian Scout bobber about 6 months later.

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