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Just picked up a Harbor freight go-thru socket set. They make two models at the same price, but the #67974 is head and shoulders above the other one. Sure, you can spin a nut off a threaded rod like having a unlimited depth deep well, but this thing does so much more. The combined depth is only 1.125 inches so it is outstanding for limited access areas. Think of it as a slightly deeper and stronger gear wrench and you have the idea. The drive head is 1.25 wide, so that is a consideration.

It has a 3" drive extension, an offset drive handle, 72 tooth drive gear, and a sweet little adapter that will drive regular 3/8 sockets or hex drive screwdriver or nut driver bits. Really nice chrome finish with SAE from 5/16 to 3/4 and metric from 10 to 19 MM. so that is eighteen sockets,one extension, and the 3/8 x hex converter. The blow molded case is designed for a drawer, so this one will live in the shop and not the truck.

I strongly suspect that the model 67974 is to be replaced with the other model, and the driver sucks compared to the 67974. 20 bucks with a 20% off coupon available. I like it so well that I will buy 2 more before they quit making them. You can also drive these sockets with a six point 3/4 socket if you wish.

About the only drawback is that the sockets are painted red or blue,and the paint might chip off making the socket size unreadable after a while. If you take the sockets out of the case and return them home each time, the case is marked with the size and that makes up for it. Not super heavy duty, but then is any go thru socket gonna handle a cheater bar? BTW, these are made in Taiwan - not China. Lifetime warranty as well.
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