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A day for the birds.

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Was riding up Island to the ferry. Was a few minutes early, and the road was wet, so no hurry.
A couple of miles up, two Canada Goose take off from the ditch in the side of the road. One of them flew about three feet off my right elbow, before peeling off.
Further up the road, an orange shafted flicker, flew out of a field, and then about two feet in front of my windscreen. Did that for a while before flying off.
A more rare flicker is the yellow shafted bird.
Further up the road is a turkey, standing in the middle of my lane. I road up to him for a chat, but he was more interested in showing off for the girls on the side of the road. He did his show off thing, while I told him to get out of the way, which he finally did with me waving the front wheel at him.

Later I picked up some bits for the boat, and picked up my completed tax return. I now identify as broke.
Got a new phone too, as mine was doing silly things. UK
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What, no picz... A new phone and no picz? Hummmm
I was on my way to the big island to get the new phone. Birds first, phone later.
Going up Island again tomorrow. Might see the turkeys again. UK
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The waving the front wheel at him got me. Had the picture in my head instantly.
I stopped about 12 inches from the turkey. No traffic behind me. Zero traffic on my ten mile ride. Did pass a couple of deer as well.
Wiggled the front wheel at the turkey. Was about to get off Yami and shoe / drop kick the turkey off the road. He had competition from another turkey on the far side of the road, while the girls were keeping score. Anyway he wandered off before getting the boot.

Went to the big mall in the nearby city to get my new phone and visit Wally World. No blue blazers or white pants for the upcoming sail past. Found stuff in a thrift store. Anyway, I was just down the aisle from the watch repair place. When I got home the expanding strap on my new / used watch broke. Probably cost more for a new strap than I paid for the watch. Will ride by the mall again on Sunday if I go to the regular bike gang meeting. Need to place an add for the 1980 XS1100, and ask the mob about 12 inch shocks.
Trying to reduce some inventory, and pay my taxes.

We got two new ferries for our Island, with a more convenient time schedule. I can now get to the bike gang meetings on time by taking the 0810 ferry. Previous was the 0850.
Much earlier ferries during the rest of the week. UK
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Do you have moose on the island? Deer are a bad thing but moose are worse.
No moose on my Island, just a bunch of queer birds, plus the birds that fly. The turkeys are wild. Some islands like Quadra to the North, and the big island, have wolves.
The big island has cougars. Princess Royal Island in the Great Bear rain forest, has white bears, which are black bears, only white. UK
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I saw the Peacock last week, and someone saw a black bear. Did not know we had any black bears on our Island.
Inland the turkey vultures fly quite high. Around here they fly much lower. Was trying to get a pic of the small horse yesterday but he was hiding. UK
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Quadra Island to the North of us has wolves. I have seen them, three black wolves. Vancouver Island has wolves. I have only seen the foot prints in the sand. UK
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If you have been up or down Sansum Narrows, you must be near by. We will be going that way in 023. UK
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