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A day for the birds.

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Was riding up Island to the ferry. Was a few minutes early, and the road was wet, so no hurry.
A couple of miles up, two Canada Goose take off from the ditch in the side of the road. One of them flew about three feet off my right elbow, before peeling off.
Further up the road, an orange shafted flicker, flew out of a field, and then about two feet in front of my windscreen. Did that for a while before flying off.
A more rare flicker is the yellow shafted bird.
Further up the road is a turkey, standing in the middle of my lane. I road up to him for a chat, but he was more interested in showing off for the girls on the side of the road. He did his show off thing, while I told him to get out of the way, which he finally did with me waving the front wheel at him.

Later I picked up some bits for the boat, and picked up my completed tax return. I now identify as broke.
Got a new phone too, as mine was doing silly things. UK
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I've seen the northeast Texas dense forest wolves, I thought people had made them up. Bigger than German shepherd and black coat going slightly lighter as it goes down, hair long enough to be shaggy looking. Very secretive and hard to see but they are there.

My two younger brothers go wild pig hunting all the time with ARs and have asked me to go several times but heart won't allow a stay out in remote wild like that.
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