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98 gsxr 750! $2,500 with 2k miles

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ok so my friends brother has a 98 gsxr 750 with only 2000 miles on it. Im plannin on buying it from him for 2,500 or less...hes a friend so its cool. It is my first time owning a bike. Ive ridden my friends 250 for a while but its a cruiser and i really cant stand sittin on it. would it be too much of a jump to get the gsxr750? ive got experience riding on the road but only about a summer's worth. I know its a good buy cuz its taken care of, but is it safe/smart to jump to a rediculous cc bike like that from a 250?
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It all depends on how responsible you plan to be on it. Any bike can be safe if ridden gently. First and foremost, TAKE THE MSF COURSE! I've seen many times over the good habits that it instills. Then you're going to need to resist the temptation to "see what it will do" for a least a year or so of regular riding to build some experience. If you're not willing to wait until your skills catch up with the capabilities of the bike, then I'd advise a different bike. Otherwise, be careful and be smart.
Moderation with the gas...its a difference but if your responsible you can handle it
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