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Hey guy's-
So I'm new here, always do my own wrenchin, had HD's, Yamaha's, honda's.....
etc. Right now I have just acquired a 96 1100 shadow ace that has carb problems because the guy I got it from de-smogged it, or took out the EVAP.
I'm not having a problem with the jetting persay, but all the vacuum lines are not hooked up and even though the diaphrams are good, the slides are not going up with the throttle increase and she's obviously sput-sput-sputtering and poppin. Anybody have any good advice on this? I know I will eventually get it but it would sure be nice if I didn't have to figure the whole thing out by process of elimination as that is quite a lengthy ordeal.
Thanks very much, I look forward to gettin to know y'all in the future, Kevdog
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