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96 MPG :)

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I just came back from a nice slow ride in the country and a 25 mile slab run at 55 mph and checked my mileage on my 250 virago and was amazed it was 96. I did a 3 hour ride a few weeks ago running 65 to 70 and i got 72 mpg that time. I have made a few mods including 3 less teeth on rear sprocket a small windshield lower bars and air adjustment on carb and tires with max rated air pressure.

This is the best mileage i have ever gotten on any bike! My drifter on long highway runs gets 59 mpg running around 60 mph with a gearing change also.

What mileage do you get?
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Last ride on the 500 Ninja I got around 60mpg. I wasn't really easy on it either. Stock gearing and so on. I could get close to and over50mpg on the 1100 Virago if I took it easy, even on PA's terrain.
I have a 1995 virago 1100 and I get 46-50. It doenst surprise me that you are getting that good of milage out of a 250 theypretty much run on fumes. good for you.
My AT3(1973 Yam 125 two-stroke street/trail) would regularly get 100 mpg around town. Never checked the CB450, but my Seca II did 50 around town and 57 on long trips. The best I've gotten with the Harley is 46, but it's usually around 41-42. I blame the pipes on that, they sound so good when you wind it out.
"Sniff" :)^( ... I only get 34mpg. on a good day on the highway.

But, Man! That big V-Twin rumble makes grown men tremble and women grab up their babies. (;^)
90 lookers and only 5 of us mention the mileage we get ? I always like to know my mileage and what other bikes get no matter what they are. My Drifters best highway was 59 it averages 52 the Ninja 500s best highway was 65 and it aveages about 55 mpg. All have had gearing changes to increase the mileage and lower cruise rpm and vibration.
At the moment all my bikes have stock gearing, but I think I'm going to be changing the Sprint to slightly taller with my next chain/sprocket change. I get 48-52 on my '02 Triumph Sprint ST. My '98 BMW R1200C gets 45-50. My '01 KLR650 gets 55-62.
My Suzuki s-50 gets 50-55 mpg, and has more than enough power, but its kinda small for my 5' 11" 200 lb frame on long rides, thinking about going to a Yamaha Royal Star, which i understand will get about 40 mpg..., am I crazy?:confused:
Sorry guys. I'm one of the lookers. I don't check my mileage. I run it till I see a fuel light. Fill the tank at home and run it till I see the fuel light. :)
I'm impressed @96mpg thats awesome :D I have a Yamaha TW 200 that I get 75 mpg , but I don't ride it on the highway a lot, it's street legal but better suited for dirt. My Roadie gets 45mpg and I'm happy with that! Beats the heck outta my truck @ 17 :eek:
My wife's SUV only gets 9-11mpg! I'd take ~100mpg ANY DAY!
My F-250 gets around 14 mpg in town and 18-20 on the highway. Truck has been parked since the price of diesel is @ $4.00 a gallon here! I just got the VTX 1300 and got a little over 47mpg on my first tank. I hope that will improve as I get used to the bike. Now if I could just pull the camper with my bike I would get rid of the truck:).
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