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96 CB 250 gearbox going...AGAIN

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I bought my Nighthawk used early this summer. It was a MSF trainer with 2K mi on it.

I took it cross-country, and the gearbox started to go at around 10K mi. First gear would pop (not slip) in and out under acceleration, then second, then third, etc.

Got it rebuilt, and over the weekend noticed that shifting up into second was getting noisy, and made a note to get it looked at once I got home. However, before I got the chance, it started popping under acceleration in 1st, 2nd, and once in 3rd. I estimate I was under 100mi from total failure.

What could be causing this? There's oil in the bike; is there any way it isn't getting to the gearbox? I got it serviced at the Honda dealer the first time, should they (and will they) pay for this one?

Incidentally, I have 200K miles of "stick time" on std. tranny cars and understand the principle of shifting gears, and even if I didn't, 2K mi seems awfully short anyways.
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