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84 Suzuki GS450L

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hey, would a bike like this be good for a starter bike, or something similar? i am looking into small cruisers liek this but would a 450 be enough power to travel for long distances at 70 mph, as well as to handle fairly sportily? i am a very experience bicycle rider as i ride both bmx and road bikes and know that i cannot just start on a liter biek or a big cruiser right off... i do NOT want a rebel or other 250 as i know that they would be too slow for me and i would bore easily from them...also, i do not really want a sportbike because i think the riding postition would get tiring over longer distances...i like torquey engines, and want a bike that would sound good at a decent noise level (not too quiet) budget is about 3-4 grand canadian max...any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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