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Okay, hey, new guy over here. So here we go.

Let’s pretend I know absolutely nothing about off-road vehicle mechanics and I’ve only ever ridden a quad (many times) and recently a dirt bike (maybe 6 hours total).

Now on to the good part.

I have had a Honda XL175 in non-working order for a few months, then acquired a Honda atc200M in non-working order as well. The XL has engine issues and the atc200 has a goosed up frame. What I’m wondering is - will the engine from the trike fit into the dual-sport’s frame? Keep in mind; my knowledge of this type of stuff is very limited. I’ve never done an engine swap and barely have ridden a dirtbike. I’m not inept when it comes to working with my hands so let’s hear some facts or opinions and if you feel so inclined - talk ****. I basically got both vehicles for free (lucky me) so I didn’t go looking for them, I just so happen to have them and figured “hey, why not?”
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