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Hows everyone doing.
1) Im no pro

So I've been building on my 83 shadow 500 for a while, im back on the road but have been riding with that awful stock square headlight.

So I've been looking around for a cheap light for a few weeks. Finally stumbled upon this one at auto zone for 25 bucks.

But the mounts are all wrong, the square headlight had a bolt in each side coming from these ugly extenders coming off of the forks. This new light has only one large bolt coming straight out of the bottom.

So i made this bracket. the tops of the arms will bolt into the same hole that the extenders bolt into.

Where the red line is I bent towards the front of the bike. Just set it on the edge of your table, hold a piece of 2x4 firmly where its flush with the edge of your table and hit it with a hammer

This is it bent, painted, and mounted. I took a grinder and cleaned up the area behind it. Not sure of the correct title, its the aluminum "treetop" as i call it, where you slide the forks through at the top. The shadows have a ridiculous amount of junk so I took the time to chop it all off.

Bolt in the light, run wires and tada.

My only hope in posting this is that it will help someone else. I think i may add a bend or two in my bracket to get the headlight tucked in the forks some more but all in all. shes there.

I cut my bracket from a leftover piece of sheet metal, 16 ga I believe. The same metal I used for my seat pan.
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