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I have a good one for you. I have been working on an 82 Maxim 550. Cleaned the carbs, new inlet needles in all carbs, replaced the petcock and shut off diaphram, new plugs fresh oil. Bike starts and runs great, idles great, until i test ride it and then it won't rev past 4500 RPM, it just hits a wall and stumbles. Tried choking it at this time and it doesn't help at all. Odd thing I noticed, if the blinker is on while at this 4500 rpm, it WILL rev each time the blinker bulb is going off, same thing when I tap the brake. Right as the brake light or blinker bulb goes off, like there is a spike in voltage it will rev better, if I blink the brake lever real fast it will rev all the way up. Must be electrical problem with it not reving. What can it be? It cranks and starts great which makes me think the battery etc is OK, the headlight is nice and bright.

Help, I not that great electrically and there has to be a logical explanation why when the bulbs a shutting off that the bike revs for an instant.

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