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So I just got this 1982 cb900c a week or so ago. It has 27k miles on it, and it's in great shape. No serious problems that I've been able to tell.

I took it on a 160 mile ride yesterday, then was riding it today. I got off the expressway and suddenly the bike turned off and wouldn't start. There wasn't even any clicking from the starter. I took the battery home and it read at 11 volts.
Also I tried to push start it and when I popped the clutch only the two cylinders on the right fired. The left ones would fire and then stop until the bike died back down. I checked the plugs yesterday and they all seem to be fine. Also the oil smells a tad like gas, but I don't think this would have any effect on the starting process, with it not even clicking.

Could it be a heat/coil problem? I've heard that when the coils start going bad, they bug out when they heat up, making the bike really sensitive to temperature changes.
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