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81 Suzuki GS850

Hello all, thanks for reading, I have a headache over this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Bike starts fine, idles to temp fine. Under load, I start having problems, first gear not so much then 2nd and up it goes into half power. You can hear it and feel it. Get it half mile to highway and start going through gears it gets worse to were its only running half power can barely do 50 then burst of full power running great, then back to half power. I can encourage these bursts by milking the throttle. Eventually it completely bogs down until cutting out, (flooding it by milking throttle?) sometimes I can coast as I down shift get it to 2nd pop the clutch and get it to fire back up. Sometimes it sits for a few minutes until it decides to fire back up. Sometimes at this point I stop and gas is leaking back into air box. Stuck float? My next intentions are to do a better carb clean possibly rebuild but wanted to inquire you guys before spending any more money.

Here are some more factors

The bike sat for months

I drained gas, filled with new and ran seafood through it

I pulled carbs and did a clean without breaking the bank - pulled plastics and jets then soaked carb cleaner
I have noticed a time or two gas leaking back into the air box

Possible Electrical problem? Im leaning towards fuel delivery but maybe this is related .....or if you have any tips about this as well!!

I installed different turn signals and am experiencing problem with those. So maybe there is an electrical issue? Problem started when installing. I tested the light by trying one. Turned the blinkers on, connected the bare wires to new turn signal. Same 10 volt incandescent as the stock blinkers. It flashed. Great. Installed all, nice connections, shrink wrapped. Turned them on and relay buzzed. I also found that the fuse blew. Replaced fuse. Still buzz from relay no flash. I bought new stock relay. No change, new relay buzzes. Checked the wiring over about four times. Wired correctly, checked grounds with continuity test - good. Checked voltage to each bulb - 12 volts. Checked each bulb straight from battery - fine. Last thing on my list is to replace the turn signal control unit.

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Did it run well before sitting a while? Have you looked at the spark plugs? A cracked or fouled plug will behave like that, causing the spark to flash to the side when under pressure, instead of igniting the fuel.

But, it sounds more like you may still have some blocked passages, and probably a sticking/leaking float valve. Gas leaking is a sign of an improperly set float level, sticking float valve, or a sinking float. Does this happen with all the carbs, or just one? Did you check the float levels after cleaning? It is easy to bump a float, and shift the level so a carb overfills.
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