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78YamahaChappy Leaks/Starting problems.

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Hey i got a 1978 Yamaha Chappy - It has been sitting for about 11 years so I drained the gas and most of the oil - now the problem is when I kick start the thing I might get lucky and it will go in to idle for about 5 minutes but when I put this machine into drive - it dies. It sounds like things in the motor are going really slow it doesnt seem to have power. Okay, so now we know it idles if I can get the thing started - but when I do get it started it seems to leak a lot of gasoline from the bottom of the motor. I have to put somethign to catch all the gas it leaks that bad...

So basicly why am I leaking gas and why cant I get it started and do more then just idle.

My theory is the gas/oil hoses maybe dried out and cracked or even clogged up.

I changed the sparkplug, trans oil, gas, motor oil
Any suggestions? thanks
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If rust got into the carb it might keep the float valve from seating...gas would overflow. If the rings are worn it might run & idle for a while then stop when it warms up. Bad coil does that too. Fact is the Chappy will have to be rebuilt after such a long storage. Get the manual...see if you can get rings and carb rebuild kit. If you can't get the parts for it no sense wasting any more time far as I see.
than k you - i acutally got it working but it only goes about 15-20 miles an hour....
it only goes about 15-20 miles an hour....
Well it's a 50cc right? On a good downhill stretch you might hit 35.My kid's PW80 might do 35 if it's real lucky.

Cool pic of a Chappy.......

ITs a D1E80QMB, im pretty sure its 80 cc, the previous owner whom gave it to us said he got it up to 45mph at one point. This is my goal. They are fun little toys, ill take my other scoots off on muddy trails and just play around on them.
Hmmmm. Might have to do some more digging into the engine then. Yeah, an 80 should go faster than what you got out of it.

i noticed when i twist the throttle all the way it dies when i give it too much. also the choke if i turn it off from warming it up, it will die. hmm --- hey thanks alot for your help i apprciate it alot
Still sounds like something with the carb to me. Like its not getting enough fuel at upper RPMs. Have you pulled it off yet and taken it apart?

Also if it has oil injection and you aren't using the oil injector and are running pre-mix take the little hose off the carb for the oil pump and plug it off at both ends.
Those Chappys I'm not sure about but they might be autoshift and if so it might be stuck in first gear.
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