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77 dt250 - cant find parts..please help.

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Hey everyone, I have a 1977 Yamaha DT250, and I am looking for the following parts:

carburetor rebuild kit or just a brand new carburetor......i cant find a rebuild kit that is complete, and I dont know enough about carburetors to find each part individually.....if I could just find a brand new carb that would bolt right one and fit well, that would be great. I dont care for any performance ones or anything, just one that would work good and fit right on.

oil tank. Mine leaks, and the gauge that tells it it empty doesnt work(the light stays on all the time). On all the parts ive found like this online, it doesnt come with the tank, just everything else, but what I mainly need is the new tank..i can go without the gauge if i have to.

Does anyone know where I can get this stuff?? Thanks for any and all help.

Also, does anyone know the laws in Texas about getting one of those on the street? Are 2 strokes still legal at all in texas on the street?
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Ebay would have the stuff you are looking for. For carb parts any Ymaha dealer will have that stuff, all you most likely need is a float needle and seat and a gasket. You can also pre-mix the oil and gas. You'll want to mix it like 40:1 or so. Kinda pain in the ass though if you plan on doing a lot of street miles. If you do decide to premix unhook the line from the carb to the oil pump and plug it off.
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