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726 km weekend ride

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Rode the past weekend
726 km trip
Slept over at Cederberg Oasis in the Cederbergs
Took my son, and two friends with
Fantastic ride
Here is the map so long
Will update with LOTS of photos

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Saturday morning, three of the four bikers ready to roll

Through the Hemel & Aarde valley

First gravel

Turn off

Hex river valley and pass

Training facility for the military, old Dakota parked for training

Onto the gravel, R355 road between Ceres and Calvinia, 250 km of gravel road, longest gravel road in South Africa

Tankwa padstal - road stall, in the middle of nowhere, great food and cold drinks, we just had some cold drinks and off we went

These guys decided it's easier with planes

Onto the Skitterykloof pass also called the Peerboomskloof pass, Karoo landscape in the distance

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Passing old ruins that were houses years ago, people lived here

Rock art

Onto the Katbakkies pass

Great view from up here

Bottom of the pass

Some of the Cederberg rock formations

Hot out there, time for a drink of water

The road leading to overnight stop

Down in the valley is the Oasis, night stop

Cederberg Oasis

Tented camp for the night

Nice bed with fresh linen

Time to cool off after a hot day out there

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After a nice meal and a good night's rest, it's almost sunrise

On the road again

The road ahead

Turn off

Scenery as we go along

Uitkyk pass

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Stop at Algeria camp site

Up the Nieuwouds pass

Looking back

Middelberg pass

Back on the tar after some very nice gravel roads

Gydo pass and Ceres in the distance

Ceres mountains

Almost home, Tesselaarsdal valley

What a nice ride we had

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Looks a lot like California and Texas merged to me and I like both. Problem though, would they allow a ******* in Africa or maybe that would make for a great book.:grin:
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All welcome in South Africa, can't tell about the rest of Africa :smile:
Stunning, thank you for sharing.
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