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62 years young. 280 lbs. Sugestion on packing for a trip with a CT125

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Mac here, 62 280. I have a few thousands miles on bikes in the past 40 years. along with a few bikes. My wife of 40 years will not go on this ride! as of yet! I am not an outstaying Meachinic ! Maybe poor! I am new to the ct125 but very excited by what I think I can do. I want to get on the TAT and go walkabout . What suggestion do you all have for equiment for the bike. Racks or bags, I see the flat 2 gal gas tank. A flat pad by purple to cover the seat. What should I outfit the bike with. I saw someone had a deck over the head light! Power outlets! a must. Gps or Maps?? My last long ride =was Sturgis in 18' fro Fl over the great falls, over the top of the lakes on my Indian with the side car. Prior to that 00' San Juans 7k. & 40 days. on a 2000 honda Aero. The best! Thx for your suggestion and or thoughts.
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So you're a 6-foot 2-inch man who
will be loading a tiny 8-horsepower,
125cc motorcycle
(that looks like a moped without any pedals)

with over 300 pounds of guy & gear...

to do a long road trip?

I'm in for pics, plans, and an after-action debriefing.

Fuel tank Tire Automotive fuel system Wheel Automotive lighting
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P.S. What's the "TAT" that you want to use / visit?
Some sort of milk crate seems pretty obvious.
Greetings & Salutations !!! 馃憢 Let's see some photos of your bike!

Some sort of milk crate seems pretty obvious.
Yup, that's how I went from Phoenix, AZ to Portland, OR in 2-days. With stop-off overnight at my dad's in SF Bay Area.

Good to have both maps and GPS as some areas don't have good reception. AAA has maps of anywhere you want, free to members. I like to plot course ahead of time with Google Maps and print out route along with step-by-step directions.

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Hope to see you contribute. You get more from the site when you do.

Let us know how the trip went. Or better yet, pictures as you travel.
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P.S. What's the "TAT" that you want to use / visit?
Trans-America Trail? Doing the Ridge Route when he was in Army was what inspired Eisenhower to develop national highway system when he became President. Not many people around who remembers what it was like before there were highways connecting everything.

@ackhack , if you're really gonna ride TAT, I highly recommend more robust vehicle! Dual-sport of some sort (or convertible to dual-sport). You'll definitely want A LOT more power for your weight and gear. Rising-rate suspension. Fully manual transmission so you can push-start out in middle of nowhere if needed. More range too, this one will do 280-300 miles per tank.

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