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One day my motorcycle broke down. I was stuck on a busy highway very far from home. I got towed by a local shop I was luckily headed towards and good friends with.

The tow truck guy didn't talk much. I eventually got him talking about riding. He said he did some winter riding and was part of a club that got badges for distance in cold temp achievements.

He then shared a story with me that he had admitted he only told 7 or 8 people.

One day while riding he got stuck behind a distracted driver traveling 5 mph talking to a neighbor out her window. She slowly drifted toward the person talking. Irritated with the driver and convinced she would continue this behavior for awhile longer he decide to drive around her on the right.

Mid pass the driver of the Honda CR-V whipped their vehicle quickly into a driving lot on the right. He was sideswiped and pinned between the vehicle and a brickwall lined driveway.

Virtually everything in his body was crushed and punctured. A small child girl passenger witnessed the horror and all he could think to do is tell the little girl that he was ok and would be ok.

He died several times while being rescued and shortly after saying that. He spent years recovering.

I wanted to pass his story along because it could save someone.

NEVER and I mean never pass a driver on left or right side if they are very clearly driving erratically, distractedly, or showing signs of braking. Frequently this means they are changing direction, or their is some road obstacle that you need to prepare for.

I myself was have had two incidents with drivers trying to merge on top of me with a car as well as once trying to merge on top of me while I was bicycling.

The bicycle incident happened from just a plan clearly clueless driver who didnt even check their mirrors.

The two cycle incidents was due to me being in thier blindspot. (Sadly this was unavoidable because they were in traffic patterns intended for my lane to pass them.)

I literally was merged onto once by an angry driver intentionally. This is also something to be weary about. Some roadrage drivers will get angry at you trying to pass

Be safe out their guys.

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I have got caught behind a...bad driver before. I was in heavy, city stop and go traffic and I was afraid the car behind me might not be able to stop suddenly, if I had to.

In my situation I just got off the road for awhile. Let someone else deal with it, hopefully a cop.

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That's the best way to deal with it. Too many get caught up in the moment and that's when road rage starts. Just get away from the idiots by pulling off if you can or somehow get behind them. Make them nervous with you changing like that.

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Took my car to a body shop of an acquaintance. He showed me a very nice harley he traded for. He said he didn't have much riding experience. I was immediately concerned.
He got killed about 2 weeks later. He was slowing down to turn left into a driveway.on a farm to market road. Speed limit is about 55, 60 mph.
The 20 something year old guy at the back of 3 vehicles, decides everyone is going too slow. Passes the first 2, about the time ole Larry turned left. Killed him instantly.
The prick was drunk. Grabbed his booze and ran up to the person on the opposite side of the highway, trying to hide it. Just so happens, that guy owns the property on both sides of the road. And is the person the now deceased is there to visit.
That kid had a very bad day. We all did.

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