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This morning at about 6:40 a.m. after leaving work my baby turned 30,000 miles.
I realize this isn't huge, but I gotta say that after a new set of rubber, this past Weds. it rides like a brand new 1980-something sport bike. Not bad considering that when this bike rolled off the factory line, I was riding a tricycle, the old fashioned red-painted pedal kind.

Right now, the only problems are timing chain noise, various paint issues (a fender bender and kids+motorcycle=expensive little scratches that appear out of thin air when nobody touched it), non-functioning tach and what I can best describe as uncomfortable meandering at 75+ mph only when I ride prone with my feet on the rear pegs. Therefore I don't ride prone. It's not a wobble, it's not a weave, and it's fine at 95-ish with my feet on the front pegs in a standard position.

Past expenses have been rebuilding carbs, two calipers, seat reupholstered,steering head bearings and chain/sprockets. (not counting oil, tires, other consumables that would be required no matter what I drove)

I think I got my $1600 worth of smiles out of this bike and then some.

82 Kawasaki GPz 550, purchased in 98 with about 16k on the odometer.
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