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hello motorcycdle world, Ide like to get opinions on which is best for riding in parades. I've heard that Harleys Lock up! I've ridden on kawasakis and my Goldwing in parades without issues but not my Ultra. Opinions Please!... Showtyme.

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There is nothing good for a parade. It takes a lot of work with any bike to maintain the slow pace of a parade. That is unless you don’t mind looking like like a doofus and duck walking a good portion of the time. Or riding figure 8’s to bide your time if you are a single rider. That’s not so easy with multiple bikes unless you practice which very few do. But just which bike, my guess would be the Goldwing since that engine won’t have to work as hard given multiple or more cylinders than the HD. And if I’m not mistaken the Goldwing has an easier clutch to operate.

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I agree. The big Harleys get Holy Hell Hot when just crawling along.
They are air cooled and need a good flow of air at all times. Riding in
a parade would not be good for them.
The Goldwing has TWO fans that come on automagically when it
starts to heat up. Much more betterer as they say.
But still....crawling along like that is not good for ANY bike.
I would not risk my bike by riding in a parade myself.
Go for a ride. Come back when the parade is over.
Just my two cents....
(although with inflation, it might be up to three cents)

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If you want to pick up 'Chicks' after the parade use the Harley:)

I have been in a lot of slow moving parades and up and down Main street at the Sturgis rally, with lots of my friends and no one, absolutely no one has "Locked up" their Electra Glides! It's fake news.

I've had 3 Goldwings and they do have a low center of gravity but the Electra Glides have too and balance very well.


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I'd go with the Cushman Super Eagle Shriner Edition:

  • Specifically designed for parading.
  • Perfectly happy going slow, all day, every day.
  • Still appreciating in value $$$!
  • Easier to find garage space for than any Harley outside of a Sprint.
  • Will attract more attention than any Harley

If I wanted to pick up the ladies, I'd choose the URAL T

  • Even the most conservative lady, whose legs won't separate far enough to straddle your saddle, will plant her assets in your sidecar.
  • Can carry two ladies in the sidecar and one on the pillion.
  • Can carry your girl on the pillion, and her mother in the sidecar.
  • Will attract more attention than any Harley or any Cushman.
  • Will let you take your dogs for a ride.

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I generally ride in parades in June and July. I will say that air-cooled bikes (especially Harleys) are particularly bad at summer parades if they're lengthy and very slow. My Suzuki GS got a little tappety and the small oil leak got a bit smoky during the last parade I rode in. One of the ladies on a Harley got it even worse as hers coughed to a stop and wouldn't start again until it cooled down.

So based on your choices up there? Goldwing all the way. My 1980 GL1100 survived Harley's Ride With Pride last year and the temp gauge didn't even leave normal ranges.

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I believe your year harley will cut out the back cylinger if it gets hot
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