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I LOOOVVVEEE this bike...with 4 exceptions:

1. The body design has rivets with rubber grommets holding everything where it is except one key location. In the front center the body is held together by 3 plastic buckle clips. How on Earth Honda thought this was a good idea is beyond me. My motorcycle literally peeled apart doing 160mph one day. Honda did a warranty claim and paid for repairs, but I installed a grommet through one of the clips to avoid it happening again. I strongly suggest you do also.

2. No fuel gauge...I mean 2017? how much weight could it possibly save not to include a method of reading fuel level. The bike will give you a complaint message when you only have "40 miles" worth of fuel remaining, but riding aggressively it's realistically only 20 miles. My solution is to get fuel every 110-120miles.

3. Stock top end power is incredibly lacking over 160 mph. I'm a 200lb rider using traction control setting 3 (race mode on the bike) and the cycle really limits how much fuel gets to the engine in this stock configuration. I probably will get a power commander, but I'm quite disappointed with the stock configuration. I feel like riding with the traction control set to 0 may resolve that issue, but I have grown to like the traction control 3 setting. I'll update this post later if I get a power commander.

4. Stock tires in the rain are worthless. Barely getting on the throttle in the rain this bike will walk out in a heartbeat. Highly recommend you respect this fact or you'll end up eating pavement for sure. The tires cold in general have zero traction. I took the bike out on a 40 dry clean road day and walked it out barely accelerating with cold tires. Make sure you warm them up before any serious riding and I do not recommend riding below 45 degrees with these tires.
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