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We have a 2015 Honda CBR300R that is missing and backfiring at high rpm....above 8000.

It went down not too hard, but enough where we had to replace the left main foot peg and bracket for the passenger foot peg. My son also noticed it was a little low on oil and proceeded to overfill with some automotive oil and rode probably 20 miles or so. Got the oil and filter replaced with the correct stuff (and level). The oil detail is likely not relevant because the cut out/backfire happened before that, but I just figured I'd put everything out here.

Seems that since it's gone down (and this started before the oil overfill) it's started to cut out and backfire whenever we get it above 8000 rpm. Other than that it runs great. I'm thinking fuel related, but admit to at best being a shade tree mechanic. Is there anything that would be a reasonable suspect or anything I should be looking for?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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