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Hello everyone,
I recently bought my first bike which is a 2014 Ninja 650 ABS from a private seller. The bike is in perfect conditions, new battery, no dents or scratches. The bike has only 35 miles on it because the seller had an accident while working that he cannot ride motorcycles anymore.
The bike turned on quick and easy in his house. Then, I towed the bike to my house which is about 50 minutes drive from it. As soon as I got home the bike doesn't turn anymore.
The story is the seller said the bike stayed in his garage for too long because he had an accident and cannot ride bikes anymore. So, he was just going there and turning it on for 10 to 15 minutes weekly without riding. However, he told me was taking it to do the usual maintenance things such as changing oil, and other stuff.
Issue: As soon as I turned the key on I heard a "shaky" noise, the panel light turned on normally, the engine cranks, but won't start.
Trying to find the solution:
1. My first thought was that there was no gas or the battery died for being idle for too long. So, I put two gallons of premium gas (93) and recharged the battery with a charger that I bought at Walmart. The battery took about 5 hours to charge. But the issue remains.
2. Then, I realized the fuel indicator on the panel is showing as empty. So, I started thinking that maybe the bike stayed too long stopped and for been shacking during the transportation to my house it mixed the dirt of the old fuel with the new fuel,I stopped at AutoZone AutoParts, explained the issue to an experienced associate and he suggested to try a product called Sea Foam Motor Treatment 16oz . I dropped half of it on the fuel tank as he suggested me to do. But no changes.
3. I found a plug on the left hand side of the motorcycle that was unplugged, I plugged it back, but no changes still. I have no idea what is it for plus the seller is not replying to my question. It seems like a battery connector.

My guess is that maybe the fuel line is clogged or the fuel switch is in the wrong position.
Does anyone has any other idea what I can do?
By the time I turn the key on it is supposed to show the fuel level or only when the engine is running?

I tried to attach some videos, but they were too big. I can forward it through either email or message to someone that is willing to help. :)

Thanks in advance.
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