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200KM/H Tank Slapper on an R6

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Recorded using GoPro Hero 7 Black
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Seems like the onset of the wobble occurs just as he comes out of his tuck?
Seems like the onset of the wobble occurs just as he comes out of his tuck?
Honestly i think so too, i watched a video where leaning forward stops a tank slapper.

From now on, i ain't getting out of tuck unless im 120km or less
If you are interested in more videos and other info about this phenomenon, you'll find some pertinent links in this thread: Death Wobble

I'm sure that there are other threads as well.
The bike in the first video gets out of attitude when the front wheel returns to the pavement. The trail does not get to do what it is designed to do, when the front is light. Not such a big problem at slower speeds.
The trail on sport bikes is less to help with quick turning. Many have steering dampers. That is the type of bike newbies keep asking if it is okay for their fist bike. But a newbie would never ride in a non safe manner, just like the guy in the video.
The wobble and weave video narrated by Murray Walker, is fiction IMO. Given that I never heard one report of it happening. I ride one of the bikes shown in the video, and have been on others.
All of that era of bikes were raced in production classes at the track. Zero reports of wobble and weave.
Later when the horsepower was a bit much for the frame, we had flexible flyers. Read Reg Pridmore's book.

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I'll bet his seat was a different color after that.
Mine would have been.
My '99 Goldwing would do that if you took your hands off of the bars...but not while holding the bars.
Turned out to be the tires. Bike had Dunflop E3 on the front.
Changed to a Michelin Commander II and the problem vanished completely.
I realize that this was different than the video. His shake started while he was
still holding on tight.
I thought it happened when he came back down to the ground. But it sounds like you guys are saying his coming out of the tuck accounts for the change in camera angle?
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