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A few days ago I posted this in the Honda forum, but have not yet received a response.

We recently purchased a low mile (1,600 miles) 2009 CRF230, and I believe it is the M version as it came with 17" wheels and road tires.
It now has off-road tires on it.

We plan to do quite a bit of off-road riding on dirt and gravel roads in the same areas where we snowmobile in the winter.

However, we learned that the smaller 17" front wheel causes the bike to be rather squirly on dirt or gravel.
This is my wife's bike and I want her to feel more in control.
I am wanting to install a lager 21" (or???) wheel/tire up front as to help stabilize the front end.


1.... what are my options ...... can a new 21" rim be laced onto my OEM hub?
2.... is there a complete wheel/hub that will work on the M model forks?
3.... do I need different forks in order to adapt?
4.... buy a used 21" wheel/tire that will work?
5.... send my hub to Bucanon Company in California? (I am favoring this one)

Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Rick E
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