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2008 cbr1000rr whine

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before it sounded this bad, my motor made a little whine at idle nothing bad or not normal but I went riding the other day and I noticed a lot more whine and something was definitely not okay. the whining got way louder and one of my mechanic friends says it sounds like a bearing. I checked my dipstick and there was not a drop of oil on it. The sound is coming from the bottom end more on the clutch side.
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Did you fill the oil up?
Yeah honestly I think it was a coincidence that I checked the oil level when I heard the whine because I鈥檓 starting to think it鈥檚 the crankshaft whine recall. Having the exact same symptoms and I did start doing a lot of clutch ups before it started happening which makes the whine start
So why not take it to your dealer and let them do the recall before you cause them to void the warranty for yet more reasons?
Because the warranty is long past the valid time to have it done for free and actually be under warranty.
But a recall has nothing to do with the warranty. Since it鈥檚 past warranty anyway, it seems logical to let them do the recall and you pay for any extra parts needed. You might have had a recalled bad bearing is my thought, even though you didn鈥檛 help it with low or no oil.
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