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2008 cbr1000rr whine

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before it sounded this bad, my motor made a little whine at idle nothing bad or not normal but I went riding the other day and I noticed a lot more whine and something was definitely not okay. the whining got way louder and one of my mechanic friends says it sounds like a bearing. I checked my dipstick and there was not a drop of oil on it. The sound is coming from the bottom end more on the clutch side.
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Wheelies + low oil = spun bearing. Not always, but often enough...
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my bike is showing no symptoms of a spun bearing. No loss of power, engine lights, just the whine.
Admittedly, my experience is very limited but the bike I had that was in that condition still pulled strong and had no engine lights showing. My only clue was a light knocking after it had warmed up.

Hope it's any easy fix for you!
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