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I recently bought a 2006 Honda Interceptor with OEM hard saddle bags. Whilst riding one of the bags fell of the bike, into the road. The bag was in good condition and showed no sign of wear and the road way a normal LA street.

After picking it up (it was well and truly smashed), it was clear that the locking mechanism had failed. I rang Honda's 'customer care' to explain the problem, explaining the danger I felt this could present to other riders and that as a long term Honda customer I was extremely disappointed by this failure.

Honda's representative told me that although the bag costs over $500 it only has a single years warranty. He had no interest in the danger that this failure presented to other riders. After a huge amount of arguing he told me to take it to a local dealer. Honda of Santa Monica have had the bag for over a month and have contacted Honda and the original bag manufacturer Givi's technical department. Neither have responded. The dealer has confirmed this catastrophic failure is very worrying and the reaction of the manufacturer is at best lax.

I then wrote to Honda's president and customer care department. I received a phone call today telling me the bag is out of warranty and they had no interest in the safety issue that this presents. Basically it's not their problem.

I am horrified that they behaved in this way. No one will know if this is an isolated incident until the bag is properly examined. I presumed that Honda would show more interest in the safety of their customers, but clearly my experiences have shown that problems outside of warranty are of no interest to them.

Has anyone else had this kind of experience?

Any ideas who I should contact to try and finally get a considered opinion from them?
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