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Hi, I have a 2006 DRZ400S that wont keep a battery charged. It seems to be charging intermittently but Im not certain.

In the shop, when it is running with and Optimate battery analyzer attached, it slowly drains until the bike dies due to lack of juice. Here's what I've done to troubleshoot.

  • First I replaced the battery. Problem remained.
  • I also checked the main 20 amp fuse and replaced it just in case there was a hairline fracture or other problem with it.
  • I then did continuity and output tests of the Reg/rect and they were in spec.
  • Also tested the AC output of the stator and it seemed to be putting out spec voltage at idle and at 5000 rpms or so (15-75 volts AC).
  • I also went through the wiring harness, unwrapped electrical tape, checked wires for shorts, checked connectors behind the cowl, nothing obvious or damaged that I could find.
  • So, I replaced the regulator/rectifier (OEM) thinking this would solve it. Issue persisted with the new reg/rect.
  • So today, I replaced the stator, assuming it had to be that. I put in an aftermarket ElectroSport stator made for my bike. Was so excited to fire up the bike and see a strong 14 volt output as measured from the battery, but alas, it just sat there at 12 volts. UGH.
One thing that is odd is the key switch. While the bike was running, I tapped the key and twisted it very slightly to the right (it was in the 'on' position with the engine running). With just a slight wiggle of the key, the computer screen went blank and the bike died. Not sure if this is related, but seems the connections in the key switch assembly are wearing out.

Any ideas?

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Greetings & Salutations!!! 👋

The only thing you haven't posted is:

1. measure voltage at RR's output wire. Volts = ???
2. measure voltage at battery's +positive terminal. Volts = ???

What is difference between #1 and #2?
  • Ok, AC volts coming out of Stator at idle (tested all 3 terminals, average 13.5 V AC
  • While at idle, I tested the voltage coming out of the RR and it measured .69 V DC, brought it up to 2-3000 rpm and it did not increase.
  • Battery tested at 13v before I started the engine, after the testing, I shut it off and it is testing 12.5v
RR is brand new OEM, but does not seem to be putting out enough voltage. It was really hot to the touch as well after just a few minutes running.
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