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2005 Husqvarna sm510r ignition help

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Good afternoon. I am having issues with my bike.

First off, the bike is running pretty rich. Lots of backfire when letting off the throttle and wet spark plug after rides. That's easy enough to fix. I just list this, incase it's somehow related to the main issue.

Other issue, after 15-20 minute interstate rides, once exiting the interstate and coming to a slower speed, the bike turns off and will not restart. This is the second time. The first time I replaced the ignition coil with an oem one, spark plug (NGK R CR8E), spark plug resistor cap (50k ohm NGK SB05F). This had the bike running fine. Still needed a carb tune. Rode again the other day. Same issue, however, I've replaced the plug and resistor cap, no fix. I now have a very weak spark.

What could be causing this issue to happen? How did I get a weak spark all of a sudden? Might a need a new stator now? Maybe I somehow fried this new ignition coil?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Ride safe,


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