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Hey everyone.

I'm new here and everything seems good enough for me to park myself in a new forum home.

I did, however, find the place by searching for people's opinion, so no, this isn't only a service I'm asking in which I'll never return afterwards... just thought I'd get that out of the way! :D

Anyhow, on with the question. I was wanting to start a business in motorcycle dealership/trading and I've got a few plugs from motorcycle shops that I've worked at recently that encourage me to start it ablaze. Thing is, I'm ready to start investing my own money, as long as I can benefit from it and make it flourish. You see, I've spotted a few bikes to buy and resell/repair/trade and everything's going steady. However there's this bike I've been pondering about.

It's a 2004 Yamaha YZF-R6 modified Street Fighter style!

Can't post picture yet (can't hyperlink... -15posts... :mad:)

Copy/Paste? =[email protected]/2598391186/

Selling price: $5500...

The list of specs is on it's way and I'll include it soon enough (basically when I get it!) It currently has 12593km (7820 miles) on it.
In your opinion, and from what you can see; is this a bike worth buying at that price and making a profit out of it!?
New (of the same year), it retails for $8099 with a 12month guarantee

It seems nice and all, but customs are really my thing. Racers are sweet to drive, but my knowledge on them is scarce.

On that, I thank you!

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