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Here’a the symptoms I have:

Rough Idle
Light amount of white smoke coming out of the tailpipe
Exhaust pops at idle and acceleration
Acceleration power surges
Bike idles much higher when I pull the choke out

Long story short, I was out riding and everything was great. Bike was running perfectly fine. Then, suddenly I started getting exhaust pops and I thought I was running out of gas. I put the petcock on reserve and started making my way home and planned to stop at the gas station on the way. The bike still popped on reserve but I was still moving. I thought I was scraping by on fumes on the way home. I made it to the gas station and realized I was only 1 gallon of gas low and Therefore I knew it wasn’t because I was running out of gas. I rode home but on the way, when I gave the bike some gas, my bike had a significant power increase. It was unmistakable. my bike was faster by 10-15 hp easily by my guess. It freaked me out. Also, it was about 50 F outside. I’ve parked the bike since and subsequent efforts to run the bike have been met with the same exhaust pops, etc.

I suspect a misfire because of the rough idle and a lean condition because of the high idle on choke, but how can it be fine one second and then go to **** the next?

I need help because this is confusing me. I pulled the spark plugs and one was slightly more oily (pic attached) than the other but they look pretty new. I turned the bike over but disconnected the fuel send line and fuel came out in a repetitive pulse/splatter. This motorcycle is carbureted.


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White smoke usually means burning oil and with a fouled spark plug it probably is burning oil.

I'd recommend doing a leak-down and compression test as a way to help determine the condition of the engine.
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