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2003 Suzuki Drz 125 Oil inside Stator cover?

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Hello everyone. I have a 2003 Suzuki Drz 125. It is a four stroke. When I take off the little cover that is in the middle of the stator cover it has an O-ring on it and I can see a gasket going all the way around behind this cover. As if to prevent oil from seeping through however I can't find any info on if there is supposed to be oil here or not... if i tilt the bike it will pour out if the little cover that I removed. Do I have a leaking seal or is this whole area really supposed to be full of oil?
Thank you!
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You don't need to worry about that cover unless you need to turn the engine over by hand when working on it. Oil will flow into that area when it is running to help keep the stator cool. It should not be full of oil. Use your sight glass on the side of the engine to check you oil level or a dip stick if the is no sight glass. BTW, almost all bikes, the should be checked with the bike in the upright position, not leaning on the side stand. There are a couple that do, but not many.
Perfect, thanks so much
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