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I have not been on the site for a while but would like to share the importance of checking all your lights for function.

I was doing my regular checking of all my lights, blinkers ,etc ,about twice a week, especially on a older bike.

Noticed my rear brakes would not light up when squeezing the front brake handle. Did the simple things like check bulbs but also noticed they turned on periodically upon squeezing the front brake handle.

There is a Honda 35340-MM5-600 - Switch, Fr- Stop part that connects to two wires to control turning on and off the rear brake lights located under the handle bar next to handle bar brake. I simply pulled the wires crossed them and the rears lit up consistently. Then I knew it was the switch. Never changed before.

Purchased the part, installed and works fine. The part is right under the right brake handle. Google part for picture. . Less than 20 bucks. Size of a quarter. One screw to hold it on and took 5 minutes to remove install.

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Nothing like a little electrical problem to keep us on our feet. Good reminder. Thanks for the input.
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