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S&S 124” engine S&S super G Carb. – carb body machined for Thunder Jet w/ –AN fitting (aircraft style) fuel inlet
Pro-One Triple Trees and Forks – Trees have 5 degrees built in (Total bike rake 43 degrees)
Hooker Headers Troublemaker Exhaust
Baker Right Side Drive 6 speed Transmission w/ hydraulic clutch actuator
BLD Top Fuel Open Primary Belt Drive and Clutch setup
Dyna 2000 electronic ignition and coil
Terry Chrome starter
Performance Machine (PM) Trinity Wheels
Metzler 240 rear tire
PM Contour series clutch and brake master cylinders
PM stainless brake rotors – Trinity (matches wheels)
PM forward controls
PM front brake – contour series 6 piston differential caliper
PM rear brake – drive side – sits inside rear sprocket
PM Rear Sprocket – Trinity
Custom front fender (WCC)
Custom 5” Stretch fuel tanks (internal etched and coated)
Danny Gray custom made seat
Paint – House of Kolours Red metal flake, with Black design
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