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I just got a 2001 Vstar 650 this is my first bike and im having trouble with my clutch. When i pull the clutch the neutral light does not come on and if i start the bike in neutral and put it in first the bike stalls even with the clutch pulled. Anything that can help is appreciated thank you.

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Hello Shawn,

Well, for one thing, the neutral switch works off the transmission, when in neutral part of tranny presses a switch that
completes circuit to GROUND. Pulling in the clutch does NOT work neutral indicator, it simply separates engine power
from the transmission.

I have heard of stuck clutch plates. It might be a good idea to change primary fluid, who knows how many k miles are
on it, doing that might un-stick plates, if not, good idea to change all bikes fluids anyways and keep a maintenance log of
such changes, then bring to a shop that works on Yamaha's, They are real good bikes, after clutch is cleaned and /or
serviced I'm sure you'll be riding.

Yes keep a maint. log, that will help keep bike in great running cond., writing in when air cleaner is serviced and any other
work as well as sales slips for work done in the shop. In a few years, if you decide to sell for a larger bike, the person who
looks at the bike will see it has been taken care of when you show the maint. records.

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That sounds like the problem! That switch is known to break and cause trouble too so it's one of the first places to look if this continues.

pulling in the clutch has nothing to do with the light.there is a safty switch on the kickstand which will shut the bike off if put into gear with the kickstand down.

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All good advise so far. If you have followed everything said above and itSp still stalls, it might need adjustment. Do you have a manual?

Oh and Sporty, it shares the oil with the engine and transmission.
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