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Hello everyone im a new rider. I currently ride a 2000 Honda VT1100C1 in Nevada. Last night while riding i was going about 85 mph and my bike started to sputter then it shut off. Tried to restart the bike but it would not. Had power but not enough to start the bike. Any help?

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You need to determine if the problem is fuel, air or ignition(spark).
Without seeing it, it could be any of these. So when you say sputter,
that could be fuel related. Did it start fine after it sat for a few minutes?
If it did, then it could be the fuel cap isn't venting. Or it could be low
battery due to low water as suggested. It could also be a loose battery
cable wire. So check the two wires making sure they are clean and
tight. If it continues to happen, you are back to that fuel cap venting
problem so the next time loosen it immediately and listen for a sucking
sound or just try to restart it. If it starts, you found your problem. It
could also be other things but that's a place to start. There is also a
Sticky thread that is titled something like, My bike won't start. I'd
look there for more suggestions because a bike that dies for no
apparent reason would fall into that same category.
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