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2000 CBR 929 FI Red Light Blinking

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I am a new subscriber to Motorcycle Forum.

If anyone can give me assistance on this constant Problem with the Fuel Injection Light {Red Light}on my 2000 Honda CBR929rr it would be greatly appreciated.

I believe it may be caused by the Air Intake Servo Not Being Fully Opened especially at lower RPM's. At Higher RPM's the bike performs very well other wise? I have read there is a plug system that needs to be shorted to open this Servo Valve, if someone that has experienced this problem before could enlighten me on this it would be Great.

A Brand New Power Commander 5 was Installed also.

Dave J.
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what is exact code youre getting (long/short flashes and how many of each)? If it's the servo, you can check to see if the cables arent seizing up anywhere. They also sell those servobuddys if you want to just remove the cables from servo. I just removed the cables from mine and never got a engine light. Changed my exhaust out anyway. Or there are other ways to eliminate the engine light (if you want to remove the cables, such as electrical work if you know what youre doing ). But, you only need to worry about it if you get the engine light.

The flappers on the intake can be modded too to stay open. Its just **** they put on for emissions. A lot of guys take them out and claim better sound and more power down in the low range where youre having issues.
Yes they can stay open. Do a search for cbr flapper mod and you'll see how involved it is. It's not hard. Just a pain (at least on my 13 cbr1000). You'll see exactly what you have to do. I'm sure yours is different though cause of the years.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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